Since 1999, ACRO BTP has met all challenges and works for your safety and security. Having grown continuously since its creation, both in terms of human resources and equipment, today the company is a veritable partner on your projects ! Bolstered by its experience, ACRO BTP offers its services in 4 major areas of activity:

ACRO BTP’s approach

All the projects that we work on mobilise several construction trades. In the initial stages, design offices comprised of engineers and seasoned professionals work on establishing a detailed feasibility and costing project. Once validated, our teams carry out and monitor the project, consistent with quality and environmental standards. An approach that ensures each project is successful.

An equipped on-call team that can intervene 24hours/day and 7days/week in case of an emergency !

Because safety and security can’t wait, ACRO BTP has an on-call team ready to intervene 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency ( landslides, collapses, etc.)

Identity card

  • Creation date : may 1999
  • Manager: Julien BAUD (CEO)
  • Address : 1046 rue de la Centrale
  • Postcode : 74190
  • Town : Passy
  • Phone : +33.(0)
  • Fax : +33.(0)
  • Email : contact(at)
  • Web :

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