Berlin & Parisian soldier-pile walls

While performing earthwork, it may be impossible or risky (especially in urban settings due to a lack of history of the proximity of neighbours) to excavate by sloping. In this case we choose to build a temporary or definitive supporting structure via walls installed before the earthwork. Two different methods can be used. The Berlin and the Parisian soldier-pile wall, with adjustments and combinations between the two possible methods.

Installation principle

A similar process, with vertical elements lowered in the periphery of the earthwork zone. The earthwork is done in passes, with reinforcing elements (backstays or prefabricated concrete panels for the Berlin soldier-pile wall and projected walls for the Parisian soldier-pile wall) between these vertical elements. The different vertical load bearing structures between the two methods: bored CIP piles or pipes are used on Parisian soldier-pile walls, while metals ( I or H) sections rigidify the Berlin soldier-pile wall.

Installing this type pf wall practically doesn’t disrupt the existing soil. Several construction steps:

  • We begin by installing the future construction and locating the wall
  • Next, large-diameter vertical drillings to install sections, which are then set in concrete.
  • The earthwork is done in phases of one to several meters depending on the type of soil.
  • Then we install the reinforcing, which can be comprised of wood, shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete.
  • Walls more than 3 meters deep may have to be stabilised by anchors.

Gallery photos

Parois berlinoises Acro BTPParois berlinoises Acro BTPParois berlinoises Acro BTPParois berlinoises Acro BTPParois berlinoises Acro BTP