Concrete buttresses & pillars

Reinforced concreted buttresses and concrete pillars satisfy most ground stabilisation and improvement problems, especially concerning the stabilisation of rock masses or the consolidation of engineering infrastructures. Depending on the problems and loads involved, several methodologies are proposed: the use of shuttered concrete or simple concrete pillars and beams. 

Fields of application

  • Stabilisation of rock masses
  • Consolidation of engineering infrastructures
  • All types of cavities, road stabilisation, construction of tie beams, etc.

Methodologies offered

  • Shuttered concrete
  • Concrete pillars and beams

A few references

  • Conseil Général 74, Route des Egratz, RN 205 down line, Les Chavannes…
  • Château Neuf sur Isère, Conseil Général 38

Gallery photos

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