Nailed & projected concrete walls

Nailed walls satisfy most of the ground stabilisation and improvement problems, especially for tall retaining walls or retaining walls that have to support high lateral loads. They are made in successive passes of moderate height, alternating the installation of self-perforating nails and reinforcing (wire mesh, welded mesh grids covered with projected concrete, etc.). Projected concrete is used in many areas, such as underground work, protections of embarkments and excavation shoring, rebuilding walls damaged by fires, etc. 

Fields of application

  • Stabilisation of loose ground
  • Improvement of altered

Methodologies offered

  • The ground retaining wall is reinforced by self-drilling mails combined with a welded mesh, covered with shotcrete. A nailed wall is constructed in successive passes.
  • Shotcrete is concrete projected in successive layers by means of a spray nozzle. It can be used to construct the most complex shapes (domes, shells, etc.). The use of shotcrete is especially widespread in some construction fields (e.g., in underground work, eartwork and retaining walls). Moreover, it is well suited to perform work like cleaning and stabilising concrete and masonry structures, coating hydraulic works and even in: repairs and renforcing, weatherproofing, creating pools, arch dams, skating/bobsleigh tracks, reservoirs, tanks and towers, monuments and engineering works, artificial rocks, etc.
  • We also construct walls in fibre-reinforced and coloured concrete. 

A few references

Morzine, Châtel, Les Gets, Combloux, La Frasse, Saint-Gervais, Conseil Général de Haute-Savoie…

Gallery photos

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