An innovative system for all of your stabilisation work !

ACROSOLS® (registered design of SBJ & CO – Switzerland) is a system that can be used to stabilise the ground without prior earthwork thanks to a lightweight, self-draining metal structure that can be installed quickly and serves as a retaining wall. The structures are sized based on the surfaces to improve, the geological data of the ground and the planned superimposer loads (buildings, roads, private accesses, etc.). There are multiple fields of application, including: creating roads, reinforcing riverbanks or pylons, check dams, expanding excavation work, etc. The ability to adapt to all constraints makes ACROSOLS® the ideal solution for your ground improvement and stabilisation work ! At ACRO BTP our teams have been trained to install ACROSOLS® from the creation of the product: an experience and knowledge of the system that ensures we are effective on your projects. 

The advantages of ACROSOLS®

  • Install with minimum earthwork to avoid destabilizing the ground
  • Check the anchorage while installing the structure
  • Apply uniform pressure on the ground, since the structure is placed on the ground using a jack until the service tension calculated for the anchorage is reached
  • Self-draining structure that creates virtually no hydrostatic pressure
  • The structure can be positioned as a reinforcing point in the ground in some configurations ( creation of trails, stabilisation of blackfill, etc.)
  • Integration in the landscape (examples: standard plant wall, backfilling with calibrated stones).
  • Fast and economical construction.

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