ACRO BTP is frequently approached for projects in urban settings, especially when the methods traditionally used are too costly for the volume of work to do. Often, the intervention of a rope access technician is often the only possible solution based on the constraints of the location and its environnement.

Solutions adapted to all constraints!

ACRO BTP provides you a comprehensive service with material and equipment suited to urban settings. Our experience in the most extreme situations lets us easily adapt to any urban situation, giving us lots of flexibility to satisfy your needs.

Areas of activity

  • Maintenance of GDF unloading arms
  • Window cleaning
  • Assembling metal structures
  • Dismantling chimneys
  • Sanding and painting pylons
  • Cleaning and restoring facades
  • Work on roofs
  • And much more…

For more information about our areas of activity in urban settings or for a project request, don’t hesitate to contact us!