A word from the President

Since ACRO BTP was created in 1999, we have successfully adapted a continuous investment policy in order to provide our customers efficiency and responsiveness. More than a simple service provider, today ACRO BTP is a real partner on your projects, thanks to an extensive fleet of heavy equipment adapted to highly qualified personnel, in all our areas of activity.

Veritable team cohesion

There is a real cohesion within the company, which guarantees unfailing responsiveness driven by the motivation of all employees. In a setting reserved for mountain enthusiasts, there is a real mixture of skills between engineers, field superintendents, team leaders, drill operators, fitters, rope access technicians, etc., organised into hierarchical teams: an essential combination for successful jobsites.

“Our objective? Ensure projects run smoothly, consistent with quality and environmental standards.”

The current difficult market conditions constantly oblige us to adapt, especially by working like a veritable “made-to-measure tool”. But irrespective of the constraints, ACRO BTP continues to pursue the same objective: «  Notre objectif ? Garantir la bonne conduite des projets, dans le respect de la qualité et de l’environnement »

Julien BAUD

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